Lavender, Lindy, & a good night sleep.

A huge part of my life is incorporating essential oils into our everyday, so essential oils will often make appearances in this space. How I use them, how they’ve helped me, and why I believe our lives are healthier because of them.

I started my journey with no knowledge about essential oils. I had no idea that there were differences between companies and the products that they put out. Somehow, I lucked out and became involved with Young Living, a company that embraces “rigorous quality control standards” by using the seed to seal method. I don’t trust anyone else.

Essential oils can be very overwhelming, at least they were (and at times still can be) for me, so I started as basic as I could; lavender. Lavender has a relaxing and calming fragrance, which is why I found myself grabbing it a few months ago when I first started having problems sleeping through the night. For anyone who knows me, they would be surprised at the fact that I was having problems sleeping, because I’m somewhat of a pro at it. So it was a new experience tossing and turning during the night.

I put a few drops of lavender into my diffuser right before bed and all of a sudden I found myself sleeping like a baby. My husband even loves it. He’ll even ask for oils before bed if for some off-chance he curls up under the covers before I do! For a funeral director and a husband who is unfortunately also subjected to the late night death calls since we share the same bed, anything we can do to improve our quality of sleep is a no-brainer for us! Our pup Lindy Ruff even loves it! I mean, just look at that face!




If you’re interested in starting your our oily journey you can click here.

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