Apple picking, baby-wearing, and pies.



Since Fall is my favorite time of the year I try to convince Josiah to do all of the stereotypical things. Apples, pumpkins, Halloween, cold air; I know I sound like every other girl out there but Fall is honestly the best! Before we had Daisy, we would always spend our Sundays getting breakfast at our favorite local restaurant. It seems like we’ve made this our family day. But the thing is, ever since Daisy I’ve been recovering from childbirth and trying to time going places in between  feedings and napping for a five week old have proven to be a challenge. Also, add in getting little to no sleep every night because little miss is constantly up makes for a very tired mama who just has no energy! So we’ve been dedicating Sundays to doing one thing (if anything at all). Today Josiah and I went to Blackman Farm to take Daisy on her first apple picking adventure! We’ve been going here for a few years now and taking Daisy has just added to the fun.







Today was a little chilly so we bundled Daisy up and Josiah baby-wore Daisy for the first time. I think it made the entire experience so much easier and she was so snuggly warm and content the entire time we were there. We got enough apples to make two pies. Last year was my first time making a pie all by myself and I actually almost started a fire in my oven. I’m proud to say that this year went much better. No fire and the pie almost tastes like my mama’s. Almost.



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