Crock Pot Chicken Chili

My good friend Christine got married on October 13th. It was such a beautiful fall wedding and so much fun! The food was delicious, and they had this chicken chili that was to die for. Honestly, if I had to choose one thing to eat for the rest of my life, this chili might be the winner.

Ever since then, I’ve been wanting to try to make chili at home. I’ve been looking for a crock pot recipe (surprise) and came across this one. Although it is a little different from the one I had at the wedding, I was pleasantly surprised with how good this came out.

If you know me at all, you know that I incorporate essential oils into my everyday life. They help to keep my family happy and healthy! I only use Young Living Oils, as every oil company is so different. Young Living created “Seed to Seal”, which basically means that they control every step of the process from planting the seed to shipping the oil to you. Because I know the company’s commitment to the quality of their oils, we’re able to use them in so many amazing ways! And that includes our recipes! For this one, I used my Black Pepper essential oil, and Josiah had a great idea while we were eating our dinner. He recommended adding my Lime essential oil to the chili next time, and now I can’t wait to make this again!

This recipe calls for a few more ingredients than my Hawaiian Chicken, but it’s still so easy! I took the leftover chicken from the night before and cut it into cubes and kept it in the fridge. that way, I just had to prepare everything else the following day. This meal is so flavorful and it’s going to be another staple in our fall/winter menu. This recipe makes a good amount, too, and since it’s just Josiah and I eating it we had a ton left over. We’re going to eat the leftovers today and we’re going to put it over white rice for a little different variation.




Crock Pot Chicken Chili

4-5 large chicken breasts cut into small pieces (I like thin sliced chicken breast)

2 cloves of garlic, minced

1/2 of a sweet onion, diced

I cup frozen corn kernels

6oz can of tomato paste

14.5 can of fire roasted tomatoes

1 1/2 cups of chicken broth

2 tablespoons chili powder

1/2 teaspoon cumin

1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper

pinch of salt

1 drop of Young Living Black Pepper oil

Combine all ingredients in the crock pot. Cook on low for 7 hours. Enjoy!

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