Lemon + Thieves

Since we’re coming into colder weather and cold and flu season, I’ve been thinking of ways to protect my family. Since we have a new baby I’ve been on a little terror. This little girl is my life, and I want to do everything that I can to protect her.

We had our first lazy Sunday for once in a very long time. Daisy doesn’t sleep in, but we all took it nice and slow in the morning and cuddled in bed. When we finally did move into our living room, I felt like my thieves oil was calling to me. Josiah sat down on the couch to play a video game, and I decided to go through my oil drawer.

When I first got into essential oils, I bought the Young Living starter kit. It came with a diffuser and so many amazing oils to start my oily journey. Two of those oils were thieves and lemon. Thieves is amazing for immune system support, something that I want this time of year! It also helps with respiratory support (and I mean, can’t we all use more help with that?) My lemon oil is a staple in my house for so many things. It has such a clean fresh smell, which makes me feel like my house is way cleaner than it actually is. But something that I just recently learned is that lemon is also great for immune system support. So when I was deciding what oils to grab, I immediately went for those two. I put three drops of each in my Aria Diffuser and the moment I turned it on Josiah asked me what I was diffusing because it smelled so good, I kid you not.

I will do anything I can to keep my family happy and healthy. I’m so happy that there is a company out there like Young Living that allows us natural products for me to use.



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