Organizing Our Herbs + Spices

Is it just me, or does the Spring and Summer make anyone else want to search cleaning, organizing, and minimalistic videos on YouTube? I personally have been so inspired lately by Farmhouse on Boone and Sarah Therese and their organizational videos that I have just gotten the itch to tidy up a few spaces in my own home. Our pantry is someplace that desperately needs attention, but I decided to start small and just tackle our herbs and spices. Our pantry is actually quite a bit of a walk from our actual kitchen, so I decided to clear some room in a cabinet and make a little shelf dedicated to our spices. They are honestly one of my most go to grabs for all cooking, so to have them handy was something that I really wanted and could benefit from.

I was searching Amazon and came across these adorable 6oz glass containers with bamboo tops. I loved how clean and simple they looked, but also the size was exactly what I was looking for. Even though they came with their own labels and a pen to write, I wanted something cleaner and more minimal, and after a little more searching found these amazing spice labels. When I finally got them in the mail I was so happy and excited to actually start cleaning and organizing.

This entire project was so easy and fun, and I am looking forward to purchasing a few more of the glass jars in different sizes to get even more pantry organizing done. If you’re interested, watch my YouTube video below to see the entire process.

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