Organizing Our Herbs + Spices

Is it just me, or does the Spring and Summer make anyone else want to search cleaning, organizing, and minimalistic videos on YouTube? I personally have been so inspired lately by Farmhouse on Boone and Sarah Therese and their organizational videos that I have just gotten the itch to tidy up a few spaces in my own home. Our pantry is someplace that desperately needs attention, but I decided to start small and just tackle our herbs and spices. Our pantry is actually quite a bit of a walk from our actual kitchen, so I decided to clear some room in a cabinet and make a little shelf dedicated to our spices. They are honestly one of my most go to grabs for all cooking, so to have them handy was something that I really wanted and could benefit from.

I was searching Amazon and came across these adorable 6oz glass containers with bamboo tops. I loved how clean and simple they looked, but also the size was exactly what I was looking for. Even though they came with their own labels and a pen to write, I wanted something cleaner and more minimal, and after a little more searching found these amazing spice labels. When I finally got them in the mail I was so happy and excited to actually start cleaning and organizing.

This entire project was so easy and fun, and I am looking forward to purchasing a few more of the glass jars in different sizes to get even more pantry organizing done. If you’re interested, watch my YouTube video below to see the entire process.

EASY + NATURAL homemade deodorant

Hello everyone and welcome back! Today is a super special post because my husband and I recorded our first YouTube video together! Both of us have our own channels (his The Geekiverse and mine Little Miss Funeral) and for a bit now we’ve been talking about sharing space together to make videos on things we are passionate about. So today we finally carved out some time to make a video about how we make our own deodorant. Now, I know you might be thinking deodorant might not be the most fun topic to discuss, but natural living is very important to us. I spent years trying to find a deodorant that was not going to cause me more harm than good, and after being disappointed over and over again I decided to start out on a journey to make my own.

This recipe is so simple and actually works. And best yet, it takes about 10 minutes to make. What else can you ask for?

Ingredients you will need:

1/2 cup Arrowroot Flour

1/2 cup Baking Soda

5 tbsp Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

10 drops *Tea Tree Oil

10 drops *Grapefruit Oil

(*I only use Young Living for my essential oils)

Once you have all of your ingredients gathered, mix them in a large bowl by hand, or with a mixer. Put deodorant in a glass jar and store for up to 6 months. If you live in a hotter climate, the deodorant will have a more liquid consistency because of the oil, however if you’re lucky enough to live in a colder climate like me, have the deodorant warm up in your hands before applying or run the glass jar under warm water to melt down a bit. Apply with either your hands or a wooden popsicle stick. Let me know in the comments if you decide to try this recipe and if you’re interested in watching my husband and I make this click on the video below.

Welcome back to the new LeRoy Living!

Hey friends. I know that it has been a minute since I have updated this blog. I started LeRoy Living back in 2018 because my husband and I just welcomed our daughter into the world and I wanted a place to share my home life – to inspire others, but also as an open diary for myself. Well, since then everything has changed, and I’ve neglected this blog in order to devote more time to Little Miss Funeral, my YouTube and blog where I talk about my experiences being a licensed funeral director. I love being a funeral director! I honestly could never see myself working in an environment where I was not helping people. One thing that comes along with that career is an understanding that life is fleeting, and I am now inspired to dedicate more time here and sharing my families journey on intentional living.

We are not new to living intentionally, but we are far from where we want to be. My hopes is that by blogging I will hold myself accountable to be better and do better. I always tell my mama, I cannot control what happens when I walk out into the world, but I can control what happens inside of my home. The food we consume, the clothes we wear, the shows we watch. I want my daughter to grow up feeling warm, and loved, and that our family is enough. It is a constant challenge, but I’m at a point in my life where I’m ready to step up to the challenge. So thank you all for checking out my little corner of the internet, and I look forward to sharing more on LeRoy living!

This photo was taken by the beautiful and talented Jessy Herman.